Usage JiveIM

Likes other Live Chat Support applicaitons. JiveIM has many basic functions: Conversation, History, Operator, Widget, ....

Login (Backend)

Login by Username & password


Administrator account 
    - Username: admin
    - Password: 123456


Forgot Password (Backend)

Forgot password. System will send a email contents a link to reset your new password

Forgot Password - Step 1

Annoucement when Request forgot password

Forgot Password - Step 2

Check mail and click on link RESET NEW PASSWORD.

Forgot Password - Step 3

Setup new password

Forgot Password - Step 4

Conversation (Backend)

A conversation (Chat) has 3 status: Pending, Active or Idle.

Status Pending is Yellow Theme: This User is still not join this conversation yet.

Chat - Step 2

Status Active is Blue Theme: This User joined this conversation

Chat - Step 3

Status Idle is Red Theme: The Conversation don't get any new message from Guest. The conversation will be closed after 60' when conversation became IDLE.

Chat - Step 1

Before start a new Conversation. The Operator confirm to join the conversation.

Chat - Step 5

Guest's Information:

Chat - Step 4

History (Backend)

List all completed conversations

History - Step 1

Detail Conversation

History - Step 2

View Guest's Information and Update Fullname, Email, Phone and can add some information about this Guest in field Note.


  • Enter to save.
  • Escape to discard.
  • Shift + Enter to new line for field Note.

History - Step 3

Example: Update Phone.

History - Step 4

Export Transcript to email(s)

History - Step 5

Email Transcript

History - Step 6

Operator (Backend)

Operator - Step 1

Operator - Step 2

Operator - Step 3

Widget (Backend)

Widget - Step 1

Customize Widget

You can change color, shadow, basic text for chat box, badget.

Widget - Step 2

Settings (Backend)


Converastion status

When Operator chat with Client. A conversation will be created. So, it has many status.

  • Idle Time: The conversation will be idled after a period of n minutes since the last message from Client
  • Completed Time: The conversation will be completed after a period of n minutes since it became Idle.


System only support method SMTP to send mail. You can use Google mail, Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES),...

Profile (Backend)

Always input Current password to update.

Profile - Step 1

Widget (Client)

Greeting Badget display when have at least a Operator online.


- Tested on Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Drupal, Wordpress.


Minimum Offline Box: Don't have online Operator.


Minimum Online Box.


Offline Message: The GUEST can leave a offline message to Website.


Create new Conversation (New GUEST Session)


Main ChatBox


Emotion Icons


Export Transcript


Update GUEST's profile


New Chat Session:


  • A GUEST Session will be created when Guest create the first conversation. This session has 30 days before expired. Which a GUEST Session can have many conversation.
  • But the GUEST can create a new once session.


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