Welcome to JiveIM

JiveIM is an essential real-time Live Chat Support application that connects your website with your clients. The integration is incredibly easy - just add a single line with your code snippet javascript to your website and start chatting with your customers.

Build deeper connections with Customers. Manage your support team easier. Report all activities your Support Team.

Web/Mobile (Operator) Widget (Client)
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  1. Low Cost: No monthly fee. Just one fee time for life.
  2. Cross-Domain Support: Integrate JiveIM Widget on Multi Domains.
  3. Real-Time: Keep your connection with customers maximum speed.
  4. Huge Support Team: Growth up Operator without limitation for Support Team.
  5. Offline messages: Keep track Client's Quesitons even you are not online.
  6. Typing Insight: Agent can see the visitor typing a chat message in real time.
  7. Chat History: Search unlimited past Conversation.
  8. Concurrent Chats: It depends on capabilities of Support Team.
  9. SSL Encryption: Your conversations are ensured out Internet.
  10. CronJobs: Automated Jobs notify Guest about idle conversation. Make conversation be completed if over time to live.
  11. Operator Info: Create Trust between Operator and visitors by using real Operator Information. This will boost customer engagement.
  12. Sound notifications: Sound alert per compatible action.
  13. Chat Transcript: Share Chat Transcript to someone.
  14. Visitor Information: See your visitors' City, Country, referring and Current page, Hostname, Operating System, Browser type and Version, User Agent.
  15. Visitor Note: Keep track some thing else about visitor.
  16. Widget Layout: Maximum customize the customer-facing chat box.

More Features (Not implemented yet)

In JiveIM Team's plan, we will release all below features. So, let follow us to get new information. Temporary, just send us a email with title "Follow JiveIM" to email admin@jiveim.com. We will mail to you if have any updating. You can follow us on codecanyon.net if you are a member of codecanyon.net

  • User Tracking: Operator knows which page the guest is currently visiting.
  • Chat Transfer: Transfer the Chat between other Operators.
  • Notifications: Notify to you about whole conversation changes.
  • Visitor Banning: Ban specific IP addresses to avoid spam.
  • Quality Ratings: Customer can give positive or negative rating to Operator work quality during the dialog.
  • File Transfer: The possibility of transferring files between website visitors and operators.
  • Department division: Divide agents into departments and offers the visitor the opportunity to choose a department before starting a chat.
  • Multi-Brand: You can have two or more different Live Chat Widgets setup under the same JiveIM instance which would look and act differently for your websites.
  • Multilingual: Be friendly mother tongue.
  • Proactive messages: Triggers keep your group be proactive.
  • Basic Reports: What happen in your Customer supporting.
  • Canned Messages: Simple Shortcuts but Speed up your Chats.
  • Mobile App: You are Available every where, every time.


  1. Server

    • Java: Application was developed by Java Programming Language. So, you can deploy JiveIM on Mac OS, Windows, Linux. It requires a minimum JDK/JRE version 1.8.
    • Database: MySQL is a primary database was used for JiveIM.
    • SocketIO primarily uses the WebSocket protocol with polling as a fallback option.
      • WebSocket.
      • AJAX long polling.
    • SSL Encryption: Setup SSL through Nginx, Apache.
    • HTTP access control: Applicaiton runs with HTTP access control. So, you don't care about issue CORS when integrate Widget in any domain.
  2. Backend

    • Browser: Only use WebSocket option. So, Support from browser version: +IE 10, +Firefox 11, +Chrome 16, +Opera 12.1, +Safari 7.
  3. Widget

    • Browser: Support almost pupular browsers: +IE 8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Mobile's browsers.

Why JiveIM

  • JiveIM use VertX, Netty of Java. The famous programming language. But require only 200Mb - 1024Mb RAM to run. So, you can buy a very cheap VPS to run JiveIM smoothly.
  • JiveIM Team deployed JiveIM + MariaDB on VPSDime. But only use 450 Mb of system and very low CPU. And, we tested on Vultr, DigitalOcean, Google Engine, Amazon Web Service.

VPSDime-1 VPSDime-2

  • JiveIM use High Performance library in core. Quote "To stress test the solution we run 30 000 simultaneous websocket clients and managed to peak at total of about 140 000 messages per second with less than 1 second average delay."
  • JiveIM has high scalability architecture. So, If you are enterprise, or you have many websites. JiveIM is a best choice :).
  • You need more features in furture. JiveIM Team can help you do it. We will use Redis/Memcached, Solr (Fulltext Search), JGroups, Message Service (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ),... to upgrade you system can run multi JiveIM instances to load balancing. Even you want to integrate with your system, application on Mobile, Web.